How does Contactless Pickup Work?

  • When you place your order, under Shipping, choose the Local Pickup option.
  • Pickup days are Tuesday and Friday.
  • Place your order by 12 noon the day before your desired pickup day.
  • Pickup time on pickup day is 11:00 a.m-1:00 p.m​.
  • Text or call when you are outside the shop.
  • Park in front of the shop on the Kalamazoo Mall, South st. or the designated pickup spot in front of The Tap House
  • We will deliver the juice to your car.

How does Contactless Delivery work?

We are proud to offer delivery with a locally owned startup, Kalamazoo Collective Naturals!

  • When you place your order, under Shipping, choose the Distance Shipping option.
  • Place your order by 12 noon the day before your desired pickup day.
  • Delivery time is 12:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m​
  • Your juice will be left outside your door or specified drop off location. In a cooler that you provide. You can also purchase a Juicy Leaf insulated lunch tote with an ice pack.
  • You will get a text when your juice is on its way and a photo of your juice when it arrives.
  • Because our juice is raw and living it must be kept cold.
  • Please leave a cooler out for your juice delivery or purchase a Juicy Leaf insulated lunch tote with an ice pack.

What is a Juice Feast?

When you treat yo’ cells to the abundance of plant life found in our juice. Combined with fasting,  you can quickly tap into your body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. The beauty of fasting with juice or what we like to call “juice feasting” is you fuel your cells with all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, living enzymes & probiotics your body has been thirsty for. Nourishing yourself while resting your digestive system. This is the easiest and safest form of fasting. The best part is that all that plant goodness is absorbed quickly & effortlessly.

Yes, you can feel it we call it a Juice Buzz.

Yes, with consistency you will see it too. We call that a Juice Glow

Before starting a juice feast it is best to eat a plant-based diet a couple of days before your start date to minimize discomfort and allow for better results.

When introducing solid food back into your diet start slowly with your favorite juicy fruit.

How long does the juice stay fresh?

The juices are optimal within three days of pressing. They must be consumed or frozen within 5 days of pressing. When you place an order your juice will be made fresh that day.

Shouldn’t raw juice be consumed immediately after juicing?

Raw juice made with a centrifugal juicer should be consumed immediately because the process generates a lot of heat and oxidation, which leads to rapid enzyme depletion. Cold-pressed juicing involves a gentle grind and firm press that limits heat and oxidation, allowing the juice to maintain its enzymes for up to three days after pressing.

Can I freeze the juice?

You can freeze the juice, but you must pour out an ounce or two first to allow for expansion.

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

The main difference is fiber. Most of the insoluble fiber is removed in the juicing process. By taking the fiber out, you can pack more fruit & veggie nutrients into a juice than you can into a smoothie of the same size. The lack of insoluble fiber allows your body to rapidly absorb the nutrients while expending minimal digestive effort. Smoothies are made by pulverizing fruit/veggies with liquid in a blender. The insoluble fiber, which helps keep things moving through your system, is maintained in the process.

What’s the difference between Juicy Leaf juice and cold-pressed juice at the supermarket?

Cold-pressed juices at the supermarket undergo a process called HPP (High-Pressure Processing), where pressure is used to extend shelf life and inactivate bacteria, yeast, mold, etc. The process is less destructive to nutrients than pasteurization, which uses heat; however, some beneficial enzymes are compromised. HPP juice at the supermarket can sit on the shelf for a month or more. Our juice is truly raw. It sits on the shelf for a maximum of three days and contains all of the beneficial enzymes.

Can Juicy Leaf bottles be reused?

We are able to sanitize and reuse the glass shot bottles; however, we cannot properly sanitize and reuse the plastic ones. We encourage you to recycle the plastic bottles and either reuse the glass ones or thoroughly rinse and return them to us.