We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary!  We’ve come a long way from prepping produce at a rental kitchen in Battle Creek, to pressing juice a cup at a time live at the Kalamazoo Winter Market on a Norwalk juicer.  We also had a stint in the sidewalk-facing shop window on the Kalamazoo Mall at the front of our current home in Peregrine Plaza.  We’ve graduated to a Juiced-Rite press (we’ve got the bigger baby model) and now make batches up to a gallon at a time. We’ve washed thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and veggies, sourced hundreds cases of local and organic produce from our farmer friends & local independent grocers, and fed tons of “waste” pressed pulp to goats & chickens and numerous compost bins.

Thanks for all the love and support along the way, we really love making all the juice!