1 Day Juice Fast

$57.00 available on subscription

Everything you need for a one-day solid food vacation.

We recommend setting yourself up for success by eating clean a few days leading up to your juice fast.

It is important to go slow when reintroducing solid foods back into your diet. Your favorite juicy fruit is a great way to break fast.

If you would like a different selection of juices, feel free to go back and use the “Build your own Juice pack.”

Veg Out!

Cucumber, celery, greens (kale, spinach), carrot, lime.

The recipe for this juice changes depending on cucumber availability.

Green Apple

Apple, greens (kale, spinach), lime.

Glow Stick

Carrot, apple, ginger, lime.

Wife of the Earth

Apple, beet, ginger & lime

Celery Flats

Pure celery.


Pure carrot.

The Celery City

Apple, celery, greens (kale, spinach), ginger, turmeric, lime.


Carrot, apple, beet, ginger, turmeric & lime

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